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The Platform

Greenclouds aggregates the IT Infrastructures of selective IT Service Providers into a uniform cloud across countries. The ‘Uber-Cloud’. With this, a highly redundant, distributed global cloud is available at your fingertips, delivered instantly at the location and geography you want. In line with local data regulations.

Greenclouds selects service providers based on their quality of services, locations, functionality and capabilities. As a consequence, Greenclouds is able to run any workload in any geographic region. The secure datacenters are connected to the local PoPs and backbone of Greenclouds. Adding new datacenters with capabilities from service providers is a matter of hours, with no investments.

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“Although we label this as ‘brokerage’ it is actually not the right word to describe our services. Greenclouds provides a ‘true’ cloud, just as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. You simply configure, order and deploy a cloud service using a self-service portal. However, since we have uberificated the cloud model and do not own any infrastructures or datacenters ourselves – we have named it ‘Brokerage’ as a service.”


The Cloud Brokerage Platform presents IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services consistently as abstract resources, independently from the cloud service provider or the underlying virtualization product (i.e., Compute resources, Network resources, Storage resources).

“With the distributed cloud platform, you are able to define unique cloud based services and deploy this across these clouds. The most common cloud services components are pre-defined in an open cloud catalogue. These are what we call the cloud products.”

The platform contains core capabilities to provide compute -and storage services in the form of ‘instances’ in virtual networks. These capabilities include; compute -and storage, networking, workspaces, backup and restore, catalogues, scheduling, metering and billing, replication and deployment automation.

The platform translates this automatically -and real-time in order to provision the required resources from the connected IT service provider within the ecosystem.



Multi-tenant delivery with portal & API access

The platform is multi-tenant by design, meaning that you will be able to provide cloud services to different customers or business units. It is a 3-tiered multi-tenant model, allowing service providers to enable their resellers as well.

Aggregation of resources into vendor clouds

Greenclouds aggregates qualified datacenter infrastructure from IT service providers into an uniform global cloud. All available –and required cloud capabilities –and resources are logical consolidated in one cloud.

Global Capacity, Local Delivery

Greenclouds country zones are able to aggregate -and integrate cloud resources locally. These local capacity zones ensure high available -and performing cloud services with data guaranteed stored within country borders under national regulations. Customers benefit from a global offering, which is delivered locally. Dynamically assign and reassign, real-time, capacity in -and over multiple country and qualified resource pools.