Easily integrate with existing cloud management platforms.

The Greenclouds platform allows customers to manage and monitor the lifecycle of their virtual machines using endpoints that can be easily integrated in the customer´s software stack. In its integration module, Greenclouds offers a standard-based API, to secure and ease integration with existing customer software stacks and cloud management platforms, such as Jamcracker and Paralells. Pre-packaged Java and .NET client-stubs are offered to enable even faster integration.

The Greenclouds API allow Enterprise IT to integrate securely in their existing software stack and cloud platform to manage cloud services.
  • Scalable and fault-tolerant.
  • Secure by using secured keys.
  • Revoking or granting access to users;
  • Delegation model for usage of the API to downstream clients;
  • Delegation model for granting access to the API to downstream clients.

  • Greenclouds offers two API’s based on best-of-breed and well-known technologies called REST and SOAP. The Greenclouds API can be used from custom or off-the-shelf tooling that enterprises use for managing and monitoring their cloud services. Development and operations can utilize the Greenclouds API when building their mission-critical applications in the cloud. The API allows to perform multiple operations to reduce round trips and latency.

    The integration module, with its standard-based API, is available on top of the Greenclouds Platform to easily integrate with existing cloud management platforms.