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Greenclouds enables customers to build custom cloud services for their business and and deploy it across secure datacenters across the globe. Greenclouds aggregates these qualified datacenter infrastructures from service providers into one uniform global cloud. Customers have on-demand access to this cloud for specific service requests, which are routed to local service providers in line with your requirements and local legislation.

“You can create and use any cloud service from a global collection of computing, storage, networking, platform -and software components. Flexible compute services, complex workspace environments -or private clouds configurated for your needs.”

Use your custom cloud services & catalogue

Greenclouds provides a standard or customised self-service portal or API, to manage and monitor the cloud services. The portal platform is multi-tenant, which means customers can provide specific access to cloud services, to different business unit or specific users. Furthermore, the cloud service can be stored in a custom cloud catalogue. So each user can have it’s own catalogue with their specific cloud offerings accessible through their self-service portal.

Scale as you need, pay as you go

Greenclouds pay-as-you-go cloud services can quickly scale up or down to match demand, and you only pay for what you use. The per-minute billing is based on a global market index, which guarantees that you will be able to consume competitive cloud services across the globe. Greenclouds continuously and automatically monitors cloud pricing of all global cloud providers to continuously provide competitive pricing.

Simple Compute

Greenclouds provides compute -and storage services in the form of Greenclouds compute instances (GCI’s), typically known as ‘virtual machines -or servers’. This is combined with either public Internet connectivity, or private networking via the Private Cloud. Launch Windows -and Linux virtual machines in minutes.

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Cloud Workspaces

Greenclouds delivers a fully automated delivery of cloud workspaces, and is able to automate all aspects of deployment. These on-demand, online workspaces are based on a secure and flexible cloud infrastructure, which contains the adequate power and combines this with company’s specific application[s].

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Enable Private Networking

Greenclouds enables private networking across multiple suppliers and thus, multiple datacenters and geographies. Leveraging network virtualization and encapsulation technology, you can design your virtual network however you like regardless of the actual underlying physical network(s).

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Data & Storage

Greenclouds offers a set of storage services and -tiers for all business needs. Storage for high-performance, low latency block storage for I/O intensive workloads running in compute instances.

Backup & Restore

Greenclouds provides a set of tools and services to backup and protect critical applications, files and virtual instances.

Development & Test

Greenclouds provides a set of tools and services to easily build, debug, deploy, diagnose, and manage multi-platform, scalable apps and services.